El caso de una mujer condenada a ocho años de prisión por un presunto aborto causa revuelo en Argentina

En reclamo por la libertad de Belén, la joven tucumana presa desde hace dos años tras haber sufrido un aborto espontáneo, el colectivo #LibertadparaBelén se reunirá en las plazas de Argentina el viernes 12 de agosto

La convocatoria del colectivo #LibertadParaBelén

On March 21, 2014 at 3.50 a.m., Belén went to a state hospital in San Miguel de Tucumán, provincial capital in Northern Argentina, suffering abdominal pains and vaginal bleeding. She was then 25-year-old. She says she didn’t know she was 22 weeks pregnant until that moment.

Belén was transferred to the gynecology ward. A doctor, she said, discovered she was having a miscarriage. Moments later, the hospital staff found a fetus in a bathroom and claimed it was Belen’s. Human rights activists say there was no physical evidence that she was linked with the contents.

“They didn’t analyze the DNA to establish a connection with Belén,” Soledad Deza, her attorney, told Fox News Latino.

Hospital staff called police and accused her of inducing an abortion. In Argentina, Pope Francis’ homeland, abortion is against the law except when the pregnancy involves a danger to the woman’s life or health or when pregnancies are the consequence of rape, incest and other forms of abuse.

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